Historical background of the SAGARPA


On Dec. 2 the year 1842, President Nicolás Bravo decreed the creation of which was the Directorate General of Industry, an entity registered in what was the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Interior, was in that administrative area in which instituted a department in charge of functions related to the promotion of agriculture and, two years later, it functions adicionarían on colonization.

On April 28 1853, during the government of Don Manuel María Lombardini was established by the Ministry of Development, Colonization, Industry and Commerce instance in which ventilate matters relating to promotion of agriculture, colonization and irrigation.

It would be until 1891 when the Act of Secretaries of State and with that come the Secretariat Building, unit to which he was awarded the administrative functions associated with farming activities, the location of the colonies and irrigation works.

In 1917, was added to the Secretariat of Public complementary functions in areas of strength of the division of lands and estates. In December of that year, the Ministry of Public Works would change its name to Ministry of Agriculture and Economic Development, in the same period was entrusted to the new unit, the role of land restitution.

On March 22, 1934, President Lázaro Cárdenas transferred to the newly created Department of Agrarian functions for the division of lands, and on Dec. 7, 1946, President Miguel Aleman announced the creation of which would be the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock.

It was in 1976 when José López Portillo, by merging the Ministries of Water Resources and Agriculture and Livestock, would emerge the Ministry of Agriculture and Water Resources. Subsequently, in 1995 the Secretariat would change its name to Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Rural Development, as matters related to water resources step to be left to the newly created Ministry of Environment, Natural Resources and Fisheries.

According to the Law on Ministries and State Departments issued in December 1958 under the administration of Adolfo López Mateos, the first of the legal powers of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock is to "plan, promote and provide technical advice Production agricultural, livestock, poultry, beekeeping and forestry in all its aspects.”