G20 Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists Jalisco. Mexico Septembre 24-27, 2012
Under Mexico’s G20 Presidency, specific initiatives have been assessed for addressing food security by increasing agricultural production and productivity, in which research and development (R&D), technology sharing and extension services are considered key elements for facing today’s challenges.
During the Summit in Los Cabos, Baja California, I was entrusted by the Agriculture Group, to deliver to the G20 Leaders the Agriculture Vice-Ministers' Report issued in May 2012, which includes “key recommendations on sustainably increasing agricultural productivity”.  This report was adopted in the Leaders Declaration issued on June 19, 2012.
As stated in the Vice-Ministers’ Report, G20 countries supported a Meeting of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) or high level agricultural research officials from G20 member countries, other invited countries, and International Research Organizations, with the goal of identifying global research priorities and targets, facilitating collaboration between public and private sector organizations in the key areas most likely to drive sustainable productivity gains, and tracking progress on established goals over time.

Specifically, G20 countries committed to:

  1. 1. Support Meetings of Agricultural Chief Scientists (MACS) or high-level agricultural research officials from G20 member countries other invited countries, and International Research Organizations to establish global priorities and targets in agricultural research and development (R&D).
  1. 2. Examine existing mechanisms and platforms as ways to facilitate international collaboration and information exchange on sustainable agricultural innovation and growth;
  1. 3. Hold an international dialogue to assess the implementation of successful models in the agricultural sector in other countries such as Mexico’s Sustainable Modernization of Traditional Agriculture Initiative (MasAgro), the International MAIZE Plan (IMP), and the Wheat Initiative;
  1. 4. Encourage generation and dissemination of technologies that may generate positive changes in production systems; and
  1. 5. Support the development and promotion of a global information sharing system on plant and animal genetic resources.

With a view towards ensuring the implementation of the commitments established this year, the Mexican Presidency of the G20 is planning the first MACS in Mexico, from September 24th thru the 27th, 2012, in the city of Guadalajara, Jalisco.
I hope that the hospitality of my hometown will contribute towards achieving the commitments and goals set for the MACS.
I look forward to greeting you personally in Guadalajara.
Best Regards,
Francisco Javier Mayorga Castañeda
Minister of Agriculture
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